Thursday, November 22, 2012

Present progress

Some peas to go with the felt food.  I just winged this pattern, and stuffed them with balls of roving.  I started out by whip stitching the pods, but I didn't like the way the edges got all crinkly, (those are the two at the back).  So I switched to a running stitch, which I really like.

More snakes.  This time I cast on 6 stitches rather than 8 as called for in the pattern, knit two rounds, increased to 8 stitches and knit another 4 rounds.  I then decreased and continued as per the pattern.

When I sewed the end in, I also ran it back and forth behind the head to create a more pronounced diamond shape as well.  I really like them this way, and they are such a quick, easy knit that C may end up with a whole family of them in her pillow case.

 You can find the pattern here

Joining in with Creative Friday tonight.

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