Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A small selection

 Well, I have made a couple of presents for C, so that is a good start.  A little knitted snake, using Julia Stanfield's free pattern Snakes and Adders.  Its really cute and easy.

 Instead of a pipecleaner, I stuffed it with fleece.  If you're interested in how to stuff toys, Linda at Natural Suburbia has a great post about it as well.

Fun fact: I have known Julia and her family since I was a very small child, but we only reconnected a couple of years ago via mutual interests in cloth nappies and knitting.

 I also whipped up a couple of headbands for C as well, since you can't have too many.

I also thought of a present she would need - a high chair.  But I'm not sure about Father Christmas giving her a high chair - it seems a little grinchy, what do you think?

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