Monday, September 10, 2012

Party smock

Well, life has been all go around here, and I'm having some technological issues blogging on my tablet (oh the first world problems), so my posting has been a little delayed.  However, here is the birthday present I was working on last week.  This is the first time I've made a proper present for someone other than family, and I was a little anxious about getting it right.  

But I'm happy to report that the recipient seemed very pleased with it.  Actually that's not true, the birthday girl unwrapped it and then threw it to one side in a frenzy of present opening.  Her Mother was very pleased though so that's the main thing.

I made a smock using the mayfly pattern, but again with seams.  And I realised as I was whipping this up, that I am capable of whipping things up! Don't get me wrong, its not that I'm a super accomplished seamstress or anything, but I am now familiar enough with both my patterns and my machines that I can confidently sit down and sew without having to stop and think very carefully about exactly what I am going to do next.  Its a great feeling, especially since I do so much of my sewing in little bursts between baby sleeps and the dreaded housework.

Although the very observant of you will notice that although I managed to cut the fabric so that the pattern ran up and down on all the pieces, I managed to cut the back pieces with the pattern going up, and the front with the pattern going down.  Note to self, must try harder next time.

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