Monday, April 2, 2012

Woolly Mail

I entered a co op recently to get some 4ply wool from 100Purewool.  Well it was on my doorstop when I came home from work today.  Its such lovely wool, and I'm so excited to wind it, and knit it up.  The colourways I chose were:


 Surprise (the green is much more lime in real life - very bright and vibrant)


 Inda Jani

So far, the Grenada is the only one that I'm not so happy about.  Its what I expected, but it just doesn't really grab me like the other two colourways do.

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  1. I got some wool in the post today to...I did a little happy dance...I nice red to make some new winter hats for my boys! I love the last blue one, although they are all beautiful!


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