Friday, April 20, 2012

3) Document a failure

3) Document a failure
          - Something that seemed like a good idea but just didn't work

Lets talk about failures shall we? I've had a few in my crafting adventures, and I'd like you all to know that everything doesn't stay as great as it looks on my blog.

 These finger puppets came undone pretty quickly after I made them.

These ones too - one of the eyes got all long and googly as well.  To be fair P and J don't really care that much about that.

P just doesn't wear this singlet, even though she quite likes it.  It's too tight.  And so it sits in the drawer all forlorn.

And speaking of things not worn

J took one look at these smocks from Father Christmas, and flat out refused to even try them on.  Despite much coaxing I think she has worn one once, and they have been put away with the summer clothes in the hopes that maybe next summer she will have gotten over her dislike of them.

And lets not forget the skirt I made myself that I had to relegate back to the sewing box because it was such a bad fit.  Looking at it again I think it'd make an awesome pencil skirt though.

But the biggest failure of all:

Long time readers of my blog will note that there are no Montessori activities on my projects this year, and the reason for this is simple.  They have been a really big failure.  Now to be fair, I knew at the start of the Montessori journey that we were unlikely to stick fully to the ideals, but I did hope that we would make it work anyway.  It did not.

As much as the girls enjoyed doing the activities, they lasted for about 2 days.  And try as I might, we just couldn't keep them tidy and in order (well I couldn't keep them tidy and in order).  So when we rearranged the girls room recently, I gave up and relegated the shelves to the spare room.  As much as I really really want to do these, it just hasn't worked for us.

Rather more than one failure to share with you.  For me its important to show the reality of my crafting.  Although there are plenty of things I make that work out really well, and are very well received, there are some that just don't cut it.  So next time you read about something amazing I've created, just remember that there are no guarantees it will work, or that the recipients will appreciate it.  For all that, I still enjoy making things, even if they don't work out.

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