Sunday, February 12, 2012

Plum Jam

 I had a project this week.  Lets pretend it was preserving.  My parents in law gave us a whole heap of plums off their tree, and I got stuck into making jam with them.  There is something deeply satisfying about preserving your own food, it makes me feel so good to be using (nearly) our own fruit to make something that my family will eat and enjoy.

 I used to be afraid of making jam, it seemed such a daunting task.  In fact I couldn't have been more wrong.  Jam making is super easy.  In essence, its equal parts fruit and sugar boiled until it sets.  Of course there is the science of pectin, and various kinds of things that can be added, but its really that simple.

My recipe was:
3kg plums
small amount of water
3kg sugar

Put the plums in a preserving pan, or large pot with a little water, and soften.  Skim the stones off as they come to the surface.  Once softened, add the sugar and boil until the mixture is at setting point.  Check for setting by putting a little on a cold plate, and see if it wrinkles when pushed with a finger, if it wrinkles then it is ready.  It should take around 20 - 30mins from adding the sugar.  Pot into sterilised jars.

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