Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Maternity success!

I know I said I would modify my Vogue pattern, but I got out the pattern pieces, and took a really hard look at the picture, and decided it just wasn't going to work.  My aim for my project was to create something that actually fitted me, and was wearable in public, and I just didn't think that I would manage that with this pattern. Instead I remembered a skirt I had seen in my random trawling through the interwebs.

A T shirt skirt.  My Grandmother in law gifted me a whole heap of cotton knit fabric, so I thought I would follow the tutorial and make a skirt out of it.  And I love it! Because it fits me! Although it took a bit of tweaking to make that happen.

I cut and overlocked the panels for the skirt together using the instructions from the tutorial.  But when I tried it on, it was far too large.  This is a recurring theme in my sewing.  I'm guilty of generous cutting and tiny seam allowances.  So when I measured the waistband, I cut it to my measurements without adding a seam allowance.  I had to gather the panels a little, but it turned out perfectly.

Its a great fit, and I really like it.  DH suggested that a) it was too young for me, and b) it made me look like a bumblebee, but I still think its fabulous and that's the main thing.  In case you're wondering, the stripes are mismatched deliberately.

Obligatory belly shot.  P decided to be in the photos, so she ran in every time I stood at the wall.  She thought it was great fun.

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