Monday, January 16, 2012

How does my garden grow

Thanks to some fine weather, its growing in a much more orderly fashion.

 My roses are about the only non edible plants that I cultivate.  Although cultivate may be too generous a word for it.  I prune them twice a year and dead head them in summer.  DH takes pity on them and occasionally waters them as well.  Pretend you can't see the aphids on the rose stem.

 My lavender also looks great, I'll harvest these in a month or so (if DH doesn't get to them first with the hedge trimmer).

 Every year I fight a losing battle with my cherry tomatoes trying to keep the laterals under control.  This year I decided not to bother, so we will see if it has an effect on the crop.  No ripe tomatoes yet, but plenty of flowers.

 Our pumpkin patch (sadly affected by the wet weather - some of the pumpkins have rotted).

 Look how orderly my vege garden looks!

Herb garden.  From bottom: Basil, Lemon balm, Marjoram and Oregano right at the top.  Its a pity its so low to the ground or I'd use the hedge trimmer on that as well - the Oregano needs a really good prune.


  1. We are planning our garden right now for the Spring. Yours makes me jealous!

  2. Thanks Nicole - its not as good as it could be, but I don't have to buy veges from the supermarket in summer, so that makes me happy.


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