Monday, November 14, 2011

Art on the walls

Or at least in their frames.  This is a bit out of order, since I realised I hadn't posted about my art project.  I did find frames for my artworks, and they are on the walls. 

I had planned to put the smaller pictures up together to create a kind of naive art look, but P asked if she could have one on her wall and I couldn't refuse.  She also asked for it to be really low down on the wall, so that it is in her line of sight, which is very cute, but also a really good idea for kids.

The pictures don't actually look all that good on the wall, mostly because my wallpaper is very busy, and it detracts from the pictures because they don't have any borders on the frames.  Once we finish wallpapering the house, they will stand out better.  I can definitely appreciate white walls for showing off art works.  I still haven't worked up the courage to sell any other pieces yet.  Maybe next time.

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