Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Unfinished projects

Due to some personal circumstances, I've had to slow down a little at the moment.  So I've rejigged my one project a week to finish off those things that definitely need doing (and which I am too embarrassed to blog about until they're done), and then take a break over Christmas.

So my revised list for the end of the year,
For the weeks beginning:
7/11/11: Unfinished projects
14/11/11: Unfinished projects
21/11/11: Birthday prep
28/11/11: Christmas presents
5/12/11: Christmas Tree
12/12/11: Christmas Decorations
19/12/11: Christmas food

I know it still looks like I've got alot of things on, but trust me, this is way less than I had originally planned.  I think next year I will knock off my projects in mid November if I can manage it.

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